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Your Reliability Resource
Online systems for monitoring critical
and hard-to-access equipment
Your Reliability Resource
Customizable PDM programs with service
and product options.
Your Reliability Resource
Onsite vibration data collection and
Your Reliability Resource
Ultrasonic technology can pinpoint lubrication
issues and early stage bearing defects
Your Reliability Resource
Reality Based Maintenance applies real
world applications
Your Reliability Resource
Quickly scan equipment to spot problems before
they result in costly downtime
Your Reliability Resource
Ultrasonic technology can pinpoint lubrication
issues and early stage bearing defects
Your Reliability Resource
Monitor critical equipment with vibration,
ultrasonic, infrared, and oil analysis
Your Reliability Resource
Infrared and Ultrasound inspections for
electrical reliability
Your Reliability Resource
Oil Analysis identifies lubrication issues
before maintenance is needed.
Welcome to Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • Condition Monitoring Services Inc. is your sole source provider for all plant maintenance requirements. From in-house programs to completely outsourced, we provide plant managers the resources to implement and maintain any size and scope of a condition based maintenance program. As resources change, so can our scope of services. Options are to purchase or lease equipment, train your personnel for in-house data collection and analysis, provide on-site consultation, or utilize our field technicians and analysts as a compliment to ensure a consistent and reliable program remains in place. Reports are accessible and archived via our web portal as well as hard copies mailed as directed. Preventive Maintenance Programs that utilize various disciplines such as vibration analysis aids in the early identification of equipment defects, reducing expensive downtown when units fail unexpectedly. By monitoring bearing vibration, overall machinery vibration, and incorporating other aspects of condition monitoring such as laser alignment and infrared inspections, clients can develop…

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